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How to dive Bari Reef | F6 @ Sand Dollar Bonaire

Learn the best entrances-how to dive Bari Reef at F6 @ Sand dollar bonaire

Discover the unparalleled ease, of diving off F-6 at Sand-Dollar Bonaire, where the wonders of Bari Reef, are just a shore entry away!

Did you know that Bari Reef, holds the coveted title of the most diverse reef in the Caribbean?

With an astonishing 426 species documented by Reef dot org, Bari Reef,

proudly wears the crown, as the hotspot for sea life diversity in the region.

Right on Sand-Dollar's grounds, you'll find Dive Friends, a full-service dive shop perfect for divers of all skill levels. Here, you can sign up for shore and boat-diving packages. A wide selection of gear is available to rent, and you can securely keep your gear in the large storage area between dives.

Eager to discover Bonaire's abundant shore dives? Make use of the drive-thru tank area to load up your truck. And at the end of the day, there are rinse tanks available for your gear and cameras.

As you make your way to the dock, you'll see the tank area with 24 7 access to air and Nitrox. Rinse tanks for dive gear and cameras are conveniently located nearby. The spacious main dock area is the perfect spot for getting geared up and ready for your dive. Choose between a giant stride entry into Bari Reef or a more relaxed descent using the stairs, which also make for an easy exit after your dive.

But the dock isn't your only option. There are three other entry and exit points at Sand Dollar. The beach area next to the dock is ideal for beginner divers,

while further down the shoreline, the first sun deck features a tank bench for gear setup, and easy stair access to the crystal-clear Caribbean waters. After your dive, rinse off at the shower station before getting ready for your next underwater adventure. The fourth entry site, at the north end of the property offers another convenient access point to Bari Reef. And to make gear transport a breeze, wagons are available for use at the dive shop.

Discover why underwater enthusiasts from all over the world,

keep coming back to Bonaire's reefs, year after year.

Dive into the incredible Bari Reef and experience the best of Bonaire's scuba diving and water sports. Discover How to dive Bari Reef | F6 @ Sand Dollar Bonaire!!

epic view of bari reef at F6 @ Sand Dollar Bonaire
Diving Bari Reef F6 @ Sand Dollar Bonaire


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