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Bonaire Scuba Diving at Sand Dollar Bonaire Condo F6

Bonaire Scuba Diving | F6 @ Sand Dollar Bonaire Condo

Imagine if you could walk outside and experience world class diving and snorkeling just steps away from your front door. Make your vision a reality with a visit to Bonaire with Sand Dollar Bonaire condo F6. 

Plunging into the turquoise water, divers are in for an unforgettable treat. This small Caribbean island is rich with marine life. Peek beneath the water's surface and find an array of colorful coral reefs, which serve as a habitat for an impressive variety of marine creatures. 

Bonaire is a top dive destination in the Caribbean and was voted #1 for best shore diving by scuba diving magazine. It boasts an impressive 88 marked dives site.

For those who crave convenience, it's simple to dive in Bonaire thanks to easily accessible local dive shops. Straight from the shore, you simply suit up and descend into the captivating underwater world of Bonaire - no boat or lengthy commute necessary. 

However if you prefer boat diving, there are many options available to fit your needs. Klein Bonaire and the northern coast are just two of many stunning reefs only accessible by boat. So whether you are into shore diving, boat diving or snorkeling Bonaire has it all. It's a diver's dream turned reality.

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